'Bits 'n Pieces'
Bud Cockroft


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I hope you enjoy these
 'Bits 'n Pieces'
 as much as I have enjoyed
putting them together!

Bud Cockroft


Musical Content:
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Cut 1 "Dreaming"                             View video at     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ5GEsaBOgQ
was written while I was working overseas, VERY homesick!


Cut 2 "Gimme a Zambezi Lager"  
is for quite a few friends of mine.
Cut 3 "Little Guy"
is for our son, Guy Gavin who was born in May 1989.
Cut 4 "Oh Sunshine"
is for my parents, who I love dearly.
Cut 5 "Run Rhino Run"
written in 1988 for the Save the Rhino Campaign.
Cut 6 "Zambezi Sun"
was written in appreciation of the beauty of the Zambezi valley,
which will always have a special place in my heart.
Cut 7 "Songman"
was written quite a few years ago, at a time when I was
 "on the road" quite extensively.
Cut 8 "Bud's Rap"
is, I hope, self explanatory!
Cut 9 "Jane's Song"
is for my wife whose support and understanding
has always been unbelievably rock solid.
Cut 10 "Pamberi"
written to accompany Run Rhino Run, for the same campaign.
Cut 11 "Sunrise in Zimbabwe"
adapted by me, was written by Myles Hunter and  Refugee, 
very good friends from Canada, who fell in love with Zimbabwe.
It is a great song and one of my eternal favourites.

Production Details:

Original recordings on a Tascam 8 track Cassette Recorder
 while working away from Zimbabwe in Oman.
CD Mastering:  Neil Thain, Final Sounds
Original Songs and Cover Design:  1997 Bud Cockroft 


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