'Kippers & Beer'
South African Irish Regiment 
Pipes & Drums


The Pipe Major always said:
"You will never beat a band at Grade One level
when it is playing its own compositions."

The S.A. Irish were pioneers in this type of performance as far back as 1984. Under the leadership of Pipe Major Chris Mulinder, the band assembled these historic recordings as a run-up to the Royal Scottish Gathering, with the aim of releasing an 'LP' of the music that same year. In true Irish fashion, here is the finished production - better late than never!

(The title of the CD is however another story...)

Musical Content: 
Audio samples are low resolution for browsing speed.  
The CD is mastered to standard broadcast specifications.


Cut 1 The High Road to Linton
Norman Gramerty
Reel / Trad.
Reel / PM C R  Mulinder

Cut 2 Geese in the Bog
Rowan Martin
Jig / Unlisted
Jig / J Farmer

Cut 3 That Tune
Lennie's Bus
Hornpipe / Arr. PM C R Mulinder
Hornpipe / PM C R Mulinder
Regimental March / Unlisted


Cut 4 O'Donnel Abu
The Boys of Westford
Rowan Martin
4/4 / Trad. Arr PM C R Mulinder
4/4 / Trad. Arr PM C R Mulinder
Jig / J Farmer

Cut 5 Frank Thompson
Mull of Kintyre
The Boys of Blue Hill
Paddy Kelly's Stump
Up in the Mountains
Maggie Cameron
Old Toasty
6/8 / PM P R MacLeod
Jig / A Duncan
Hornpipe / Unlisted
Hornpipe / Unlisted
Slow Air / Unlisted
Strathspey / D McPherson
Reel setting / A Lawrie

Cut 6 Danny Boy Slow Air / Arr. PM C R Mulinder 1.14
Cut 7 The Barberton Centenary
The Conundrum
4/4 / PM C R Mulinder
4/4 / PM P R McLeod
       Arr. PM C R Mulinder

Cut 8 P/M Allan Watters
The Black Bear
Caller Herrin'
Slow Air / PM C R Mulinder
2/4 / Unlisted
2/4 / Unlisted


Cut 9 The Prestwick Pipers
Farmer John
Patsy Nolan
Slow Air /  PM C R Mulinder
Reel / PM C R  Mulinder
Reel / PM C R  Mulinder

Cut 10 The Royal Scottish Piper's Society
Susan McLeod
The Sheepwife
2/4 / R Campbell
Strathspey / PM D MacLeod
Reel / Unlisted

Cut 11 The Glasgow City Police Pipers
The Banjo Breakdown
All Around My Hat
Jig / PM D MacLeod
Jig / A MacKay
4/4 / Unlisted


Cut 12 Oft in the Stille Night Lament / Unlisted 1.53

Production Details:

Original Recordings:  Audio Arts Studio, Johannesburg 1984
Recording Engineer:  Scotty Scot
Digital Remastering:  Neil Thain, Final Sounds
Cover:  Y's Ideas Graphic Communications
Produced by:  Final Music 2001
2001 SAIR Pipes and Drums


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