'Rhodesia Was Super'


For the first time EVER on one CD - all the classic songs and sounds of the tumultuous 1970s in Rhodesia.

Classic tunes, anthems and radio signatures that will bring back memories of those heady days... 

Sample video clip 'Memories' below


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Cut 1 11th November 1965
John Bishop introduces Prime Minister Ian Smith and the announcement that changed an entire nation, the Unilateral Declaration of Rhodesia's Independence at 1.15pm on the afternoon of 11th November 1965.

"Rhodesians Never Die"    Clem Tholet
"We will stand tall in the sunshine with the truth upon our side" - the original recording of the song that became an anthem amongst Rhodesians. Originally released in 1973, the song was later re-recorded at Shed Studios for Clem's debut album 'Songs of Love and War'
Cut 2 "It's a Long way to Mukumbura"     Mike Westcott and Leprechaun
Anyone who has ever been to 'Mukkers' (with or without a surf board) will know just how far this pleasant
spot is from anywhere. Antwhere that is except  the border with Mozambique! Mike Westcott and the boys
from Leprechaun are "going up there to stir"


Cut 3 The 'Wireless'
Supersonic  Forces Requests
When military call-up separated loved ones, the 'wireless' on a Saturday afternoon was that special place where those far apart could 'meet' and send their special messages via the 'Forces Sweetheart', Sally Donaldson.
Oyster Box
One of broadcasting's best loved personalities, Geoffrey Atkins had times when even his smooth tongue did not quite get around the script - in this case when The Oyster Box Hotel, Umhlanga Rocks, requested "the pleasure of your company."
Radio Quiz telephone call
Radio quiz shows in Africa at the time were often a feast for the listener - when combined with live telephone calls, as with this Cashel Valley programme, anything could happen. 

Cut 4 Kenny Cantor at the Monomatapa Hotel
A popular comedian and guest artist in the Christmas Pantomime shows at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale, Kenny Cantor lends his unmistakable chuckle to the reasons why he failed his army medical. 

Cut 5 "Sweet Banana"    Rhodesian African Rifles
An impromptu 'live rendering' of their regimental march recorded on their cricket field at Shaw Barracks, the home of the 2nd Battalion Rhodesian African Rifles near  Balla Balla. One can  feel the pride and commitment of these fine soldiers to their regiment as they add their voices to the Troop Show line up of 1978.

Cut 6 "What A Time"  Clem Tholet
This song, written for an information film of the same name, is performed live at the Monomatapa ballroom during the final performance of the 1978 series of television Troop Shows produced for the Border Patrol Welfare Fund. "What a time it was with so few friends to turn to" 


Cut 7 Caribbea Bay radio commercial
Lake Kariba will always hold a special place for all that have visited its vast waters. Caribbea Bay Hotel was one of the early get away developments built on the lakeshore - a perfect family holiday destination. At the time, it was often safer to fly in to Kariba than risk the playful temperament of the jumbos on the road down from Makuti. However, one still had to fly out again...

Cut 8 "The Deafening Silence"
The Very Reverend J. R. da Costa, Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Mary and All Saints in Salisbury delivered these powerful words on Friday 8 September 1978. This memorial service was held following the shooting down of the Viscount  Hunyani, VP WAS near Kariba 5 days earlier. The silence is still 'deafening'... 


Cut 9 "The Global Village"
Part of an historic world wide television link up hosted by David Frost and broadcast live from Leeds in the United Kingdom in March 1979. Joshua Nkomo laughed at the world following the viscount tragedy and boasted that his ZIPRA forces had shot down the aircraft and could do so 'all the time' if they wished.

Cut 10 "If the World had Another Hitler"    Clem Tholet
"While the nations scrap and scramble for this piece of land we own, do they ever stop to think of where it leads." A live performance at the Monomatapa Show in 1978 of this thought provoking song from Clem's album 'Songs of Love and War'.   

Cut 11 "A Terrorist's Lament"    Wrex Tarr
Well known and loved for his 'Chilapalapa' stories, Wrex Tarr sings this song of woe from the hot Zambezi Valley. Taken from the CD "Cream of Chilapalapa" produced and re-mastered by Grant Edmond in 2000.

Cut 12 "Lusaka Tower - this is Green Leader"
Following the second Viscount tragedy, Rhodesian forces launched a bold external operation on terrorist training bases deep within Zambia. After the first bombing run at Westlands Farm, 'Green Leader' delivered the now famous speech to Lusaka tower. 

Cut 13 "I'm Just a Shumba Drinker"   Mike Westcott and Leprechaun
When the dust of the day had parched your throat, nothing restored your faith in your fellow  man faster  than downing a few ice cold 'chiboolies'. Shumba Drinkers at the time were known to "drink a dozen a day - ekse ekse."

Cut 14 "Bushwallah"    Alison Biggs
In the years following UDI, many people left their homeland seeking new life on foreign shores only to find themselves far away 'bushwallahs', "looking for something, but not knowing what." 

Cut 15

"Memories"    Peter Maxwell at the Monomatapa Hotel
Peter Maxwell first discovered the special warmth of Rhodesia and its people as far back as 1962. Over many years he brought much joy to his audiences through his humour and his music. With this song Peter takes us into that special place in his heart that "shall perhaps be called by any other name" but for him will always be "the country that I love, called Rhodesia"

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Cut 16 "Funky Music"  The Holy Black
Recorded in August 1974 during the Albert Hammond tour of South Africa, the song features Jerry Barnard, Mel French, Neil Fox, John Davies, John MacBeth and Nic Pickard.

Cut 17 "Yena Lo Golf"    Wrex Tarr
The Royal Salisbury Golf Club holds mixed emotions for many that played there - some from the fairways and greens, others from within the clubhouse. For those not familiar with the intricacies of the African game, our faithful caddy Enoch takes us around a few holes as he see the game.  
'Nyore Nyore - Zimbabwe Furnishers'
Kenny Cantor at the Monomatapa Hotel
From a special medal awarded to  the 'Forces Sweetheart,' to the day God met a few politicians when they knocked at the Pearly Gates, the audience laughs once again with Kenny Cantor.

Cut 18 "Day by Day"    Margie Stevens and the cast from 'Godspell'
The Salisbury Reps Theatre was founded in 1931 and grew to be highly respected and praised amongst its peers for the dedication and skill of its players. "Godspell", produced in 1973 by Adrian Stanley, was one of the most successful productions ever staged at the theatre, helping life to go on 'day by day' at the time.
Cut 19 Selous Scouts Parade
On the 16th June 1978, over 1500 men of the regiment of the Selous Scouts marched onto the drill square at Andre Rabie Barracks - the only time that this fine body of men was ever to parade at full strength. The occasion was a medal parade at which the Grand Cross of Valour was presented to Captain Chris Schulenburg. This recording is a rare glimpse into the private world of these soldiers. 

Cut 20 "Ode to Joy"    Paul Greeff
Paul Greeff and the pipers from Churchill School perform the national anthem at the Rhodesia Light Infantry Cranborne barracks and bring to a close the 1978 series of Troop Shows. Our thanks to Beethoven for 'lending' us his music, "giving us strength to face all danger and where challenge is to dare".

Cut 21 "Rhodesians of the World"    John Edmond
"Though we're scattered, somehow we are bonded by a spirit that is living still today". The 'lost tribe' may today find itself in the far corners of this world, but John Edmond reminds them that wherever they may be, the values and integrity once held so dear now makes them 'Rhodesians of the World'. The song is taken from his album of the same name.


Production Credits:

Special thanks to all the artists and performers who allowed me to include their work in this compilation

 'What a time it was - with so few friends to turn to...'

Dedicated to the memory of:
Clem Tholet for his words and his music,
Peter Maxwell for his love of the country,
And Nic Pickard for his support in putting it all together...

Digital Remastering:  Neil Thain, Final Sounds
Cover :  Y's Ideas Graphic Communications
Produced by:  Final Music 2001
2001 Final Music

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