Rhodesia Was... 'Folk Country'


Rhodesia was always a land full of surprises. The determination and good nature of the people shone like a beacon in those often dark days and tough times. Their typical optimism and depth of musical talent eventual found its way onto the 'small screen' through a series of folk music programmes hosted by local folk legend, Clem Tholet. Sheila Taylor, Trevor White, Dave Warmsley, Bruce Pentrieth, Iris Jones and many others joined Clem to bring us a rare selection of old favourites and original songs. This musical compilation is in small tribute to the musicians and loyal supporters of the folk music scene in Rhodesia in the late 1970s.


Musical Content: 

The CD is mastered to standard broadcast specifications.           Samples are lower quality for speed.

Cut 1 Clem Tholet                                                                          All My Lifeís A Circle


Cut 2 Sheila Taylor                                                                         Blowing In The Wind  
Cut 3 Trevor White                                                                         Angie Baby
Cut 4 Alison Biggs                                                           Bushwallah

Cut 5 Clem Tholet                                                                          Help Me Make It Through The Night  
Cut 6 Beverley Hillbillies                                                    Bluegrass Music

Cut 7 Tom Coulter                                                           Glaswegian Medley

Cut 8 Ginelle Greenway & Lorraine Hodgkinson                                     I Loved You In The Morning
Cut 9 Clem Tholet                                                                          Leaving London
Cut 10 Celia Timlett                                                                         I Donít Know How To Love Him
Cut 11 Bruce Pentrieth, John Hodgkinson & Roger Dickinson         Legendary Captain

Cut 12 Beverley Hillbillies                                                                   Foxhunterís Jig


Cut 13 Cheryl Rich                                                             A Bit About Life

Cut 14 Clem Tholet                                                                          Goodbye Again
Cut 15 Beverley Hillbillies                                                                   Iíve Just Begun To Care
Cut 16 Iris Jones                                                               Mountains Of Morn

Cut 17 Sheila Taylor                                                                         Donít Cry For Me Argentina  
Cut 18 Lorraine Hodgkinson & Ginelle Greenway                                     Jessie
Cut 19 Bruce Pentrieth                                                                     You Can Close Your Eyes
Cut 20 Sally Hulme                                                                          The Needle And The Damage Done
Cut 21 Brian Reece                                                                          If You Could Read My Mind
Cut 22 Bridgette & Belinda                                                                Why


Cut 23 Trevor White                                                                        One Of These Nights
Cut 24 Bruce Pentrieth                                                       Saturday Night

Production Credits:

Special thanks to all the performers who allowed us to include their work in this compilation
Digital Remastering:  Final Sounds
© 2009 Final Music

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