Rhodesia Was... 'Folk in War'


After a hectic week, lived to the full, it was good to know that there was a special place out on the Umtali Road where you could meet up with friends on a Sunday evening to 'chill out and sink a few chiboolies' and recharge your batteries before launching forth once again into the week ahead. From beneath the shadow of the long bush war, many songs emerged that reflected the emotions of the Rhodesian people at the time. The driving force behind these weekend gigs was Clem Tholet and his wife Jean. When joined by the talents of Les & Ray Griffin, Paddy Rocks and Sheila Taylor (to mention a few), you were guaranteed a night of the finest music and more from some of Rhodesia's 'Folk... in War'.


Musical Content: 

The CD is mastered to standard broadcast specifications.           Samples are lower quality for speed.


1 Intro Hoot                                        Havanagila


2 Lisa Kondor                                      Wherever You Are  
3 Clem Tholet                                     Ainít No Use In Talking
4 Clem & Paddy                           Mockingbird

5 Clem Tholet                                     Song For Johnny  
6 Dave Warmsley                                 Kathyís Song  
7 Les Griffin                                        Mucky Kid


8 Clem Tholet                                     The Hangover Song
9 Ray Griffin                                        Robin Hood
10 Sheila Taylor                            English Country Garden

11 Clem & Paddy                                   Here Comes The Sun


12 Paddy Rocks                            Gypsy Feet

13 Paddy Rocks                            Wasnít That A Party!

14 Clem Tholet                                     If The World Had Another Hitler
15 Clem & Paddy                           Peace Dream

16 Closing Hoot                                    Black Velvet Band  
17 Closing Hoot                            Goodnight Irene

Production Details:

Special thanks to all the performers who allowed us to include their work in this compilation
Recorded with the Shed Mobile Studio at Beverley Rocks Motel, Salisbury
Digital Remastering:  Final Sounds
© 2009 Final Music

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