Rhodesia Was... 'Troopie Show' 1978


Sample Content from
'Monos Troopie Show 1978' CD

'Chastity Belt' - Clem Tholet
Comedian - Kenny Cantor
'That'll Be The Day' - Saratoga
'Rhodesians Never Die'

Highlights from performances recorded on the final evening  at Monomatapa Hotel, which brought to a close the series of televised road-shows that had toured most of Rhodesia, visiting Victoria Falls, Kariba, Umtali, Fort Victoria, Balla Balla, Bulawayo, Gwelo and finally, Salisbury in late 1978.
MONO Soundtrack
B & W Picture PAL format
Running Time
: 40 minutes

'Peter Maxwell - live at the Troopie Show, 1978'
DVD duration: 40min

The only remaining video of the annual television 'Troopie Shows' that toured Rhodesia in late 1978, and the last show to be recorded from the Monomatapa Hotel before the birth of Zimbabwe. Sit back, and let the extraordinary talents of Peter Maxwell, international pianist and entertainer, enchant you once again, as we remember
 'What a time it was... with so few friends to turn to'

Rhodesia Was... 'Monos Troopie Show 1978' on CD

1     Clem Tholet                                                                              Chastity Belt

2     Clem Tholet                                                                                      What A Time

3     Sheila Taylor                                                              Youíll Never Walk Alone

4     Sally Donaldson intro Kenny Cantor                                Comedian

5     Trish Johns intro Saratoga                                Thatíll Be The Day

6     Clem Tholet                                                                                                   Booze

7     Clem Tholet                                                                                         Gutter Song

8     Clem Tholet & Saratoga                           Rhodesians Never Die

9     Peter Maxwell                                                                     Pianist / Entertainer

10   Paul Greeff & Churchill Pipers                                             National Anthem

Video was originally recorded MONOCHROME in 4:3 screen format - LONG before the days of wide-screen television.
Modern viewers are advised to adjust their screen settings to 4:3 (or perhaps 14:9) to avoid image distortion.
(The recording was from the period in Rhodesia's history when television pictures were still in black and white...)
Digitally remastered from archive video tape by:  Final Media        (C) 2009 Final Music
PAL format video - may not be suitable for USA / Canada / Japan video players

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