'ama Celtic iAfrika'
(the Celtic people of Africa...)


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In the chorus of humanity it has been said, 
that no race equals the Celtic in penetrative notes
that flow straight to the heart.

"ama Celtic iAfrika" presents an elemental, basic and far reaching musical expression of life itself - of the Celtic spirit that broods within the people of South Africa today. 

"Listen, listen, listen and you shall hear afar
A low and lovely murmur like the singing of a star;
But listen, listen, listen till all things fade and fall

And the lone and luring music is master over all."

Robin Flower 
 'Tir Na N-Og'

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Musical Content: 
Audio samples are low resolution for browsing speed.  
The CD is mastered to standard broadcast specifications.


Cut 1 "The Massacre of Glencoe"              Robert du Toit - pipes
Scott McRae - recital
Cut 2 "The Gravel Walk" Dancers - hard shoes
Slip Jig
Cut 3 Pipe Solo
"Alan McPherson of Moss Park"
"The Mason's Apron"
Chris Macaulay - pipes
Maurice Judge - bodhran
Cut 4

"Pog an Oidche Earraich"


Barnato School Choir
Choir Mistress Lulu Pohlwana
Ewen Gilchrist - guitar
Chris Macaulay - keyboard       
Cut 5 Pipe Band Medley
"Lester's Meander"
"A Colliery Town Legend"
"The Girl From Dungannon"
"Fiona MacDonald"
Richmond Avenue Pipe Band 5.03
Cut 6 "Flower of Scotland" Dalriada 3.53
Cut 7 "The Girl from Dungannon"
"The Kesh Jig"
"Rocking the Baby"
"Queen of the Rushes"
Dalriada 3.53
Cut 8 "Feel the Sea" Slugs of War 4.37
Cut 9 "The Foggy Dew" Slip Jig 4.40
Cut 10 "Glasgow City Police"
Brian Fraser - drums
Cut 11 "Up and Adam"
"The Mason's Apron"
Dalriada 3.10
Cut 12 "Toorai al - fal de diddle dah" Slip Jig 2.56
Cut 13 "Gallic air"
"Dinky's Reel"
"The Big Birl"
Dalriada 5.05
Cut 14 "CSG Project"

Wally Kruse - angle grinder
Danile Lemos - stop sign, cybergong
South African Medical Services Drum Corps

Cut 15 "I belong to Glasgow"
"The northern lights of old Aberdeen"

Maurice Judge - vocal
Iain McAlpine - vocal

Cut 16 "Erin Shore"

Elliot Shortt - violin
Transvaal Scottish and Friends

Cut 17 "Lord of the Dance"

Arranged by P/M Rory Bellingan
(African Skye Pipe Band)
Transvaal Scottish and Friends

Cut 18 "Auld Lang Syne" Combined Pipe Bands and rhythm ensemble 2.23
Cut 19 "Scotland the Brave"

"The Dark Isle"

Combined Pipe Bands and rhythm ensemble
P/M Adrian Haddow - pipes

Production Details:
Original Digital Recordings captured during live performances on 23 and 24 April 1999
 at the Celtic Festival staged at the Linder Auditorium, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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