'Rhodesia Was...' Collection


From the depths of the Final Music archive - these rare tracks will bring a true 'blast from the past' to your collection
More memories to follow later, including 'Rocking on R&R at Le Coq d'Or'
and the 'Troopie Show On Tour' (at a venue near you) in late1978

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Rhodesia Was... 'Folk in War'...

Recorded live at the Beverley Rocks Motel, Salisbury, using the Shed Mobile Studio. Rare and moving performances from some of Rhodesia's finest folk singers during the bush war. Featuring Clem Tholet, Paddy Rocks, Les and Ray Griffin and more
Rhodesia Was...
'Troopie Show 1978'
Monomatapa Hotel, Salisbury

Presented by Trish Johns and Sally Donaldson and featuring Peter Maxwell, Kenny Cantor, Clem Tholet, Sheila Taylor, Paull Greeff and the Churchill Pipers and resident band, Saratoga (on CD)

DVD and CD Set

DVD presented without apology
in 'old fashioned B&W
Peter Maxwell's superb performance
from the show, including 'Memories'


Rhodesia Was... 'Folk Country'...

Hosted for local television by Clem Tholet, this is a mixed bag of old favourites and original songs from the cream of Rhodesia's folk music scene, including Sheila Taylor, Alison Biggs, Tom Coulter,  Trevor White and many more


Rhodesia Was...
'The Honourable Ian Douglas Smith'

The memorial service held in the United Kingdom following the death of Rhodesia's Prime Minister in 2007, a moving ceremony for a legendary man