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Rhodesian Folk Music Scene CDs
UK Memorial Tribute to the Hon. Ian Douglas Smith CD
(More titles to follow)

PLUS - for the first time on DVD
Peter Maxwell 'Live at Monomatapa 1978'
 DVD and CD recording of his RBC TV 'Troopie Show 1978' set
as well as other memorable performances from Kenny Cantor, Clem Tholet, Sheila Taylor, Saratoga and more

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The faces, spaces and memorable bits from the 2010 rhodie (and friends) gathering at Beechwood Park, Derbyshire UK

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amaCeltic iAfrika

'The Celtic People of Africa' -
A live concert from the Linder Auditorium, Johannesburg  1999

Kippers & Beer

Historic recordings of the SA Irish Regiment Pipe Band - circa 1984


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b&pf.jpg (26016 bytes) Bits 'n Pieces

Original songs from a true 'Zimbo' recorded  while working far from home in 1997

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(Final Music no longer has stock of this CD)

Toti 2000
The Winners

The winning pipe band performances from
the South Coast Highland Gathering
held at Amanzimtoti, South Africa 2000

Pipe Band Video
VHS  PAL only


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Rhodesia Was Super

Nostalgic songs, radio clips, anthems and comedy from the tumultuous 70's - a true collector's edition